Boilermakers - D239 Lockout


On Aug. 2, 2018, Imerys locked out members of the Boilermakers (IBB) and brought in replacements at its talc plant in Three Forks, Montana. The lockout came after Imerys consistently had refused to back down from its anti-worker contract proposal. The Three Forks plant is French-owned Imerys’ most profitable site, generating more than $1 million profit monthly. Despite this, the company wanted to gut the workers’ contract. These working people fought back, and Imerys locked them out.

Wide Awake Films collaborated closely with the workers and the Boilermakers Union to create a video campaign to get the workers back to work. After negotiations, Local D239 and Imerys Talc were able to reach an agreement to end the lockout, garnering a successful end to the campaign.

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