Order No. 11 - Building the Handcart


We were honored to collaborate with The Box Gallery to design and fabricate this educational exhibit about the infamous General Order No. 11. Issued in 1863 during the vicious border fighting of the American Civil War, this initiative ordered the evacuation of four Missouri counties (Jackson, Cass, Bates and Vernon) with the goal of de-populating these areas of Confederate sympathizers and hideouts.

We worked with sculptor Charles Jones on the construction of a handcart, which he built using actual blueprints from the time period. The cart is an authentic handcrafted replica of the carts many Missouri citizens used to carry their belongings after being forced to vacate their homes. This behind-the-scenes video accompanied the cart in the exhibit.


The exhibit also featured George Caleb Bingham’s Order No. 11 painting, along with period artifacts, historical reproductions, archival photography, and wall panels written and designed by our staff with the help of historical consultants well-versed on the events. We designed the exhibit by simulating the room’s exact dimensions in 3D software. This allowed us to sample various images and text in actual scale. It also provided precise printing dimensions once the exhibit was approved. Local Civil War gurus Dan Hadley and Gregg Higginbotham fabricated additional components that accompanied our design.

3D Rendered Design:


Photos from the Exhibit after Installation:

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