We are a full-service video production studio.


Creative Design

We love the challenge of transforming vague ideas into fully developed projects. This requires a healthy amount of research, writing, storyboarding, and some good old-fashioned experimentation to find the message that sticks.


Film Production

We have the gear, and more importantly, the expert knowledge to tackle shoots large and small. Core members of our team specialize in producing, directing, and cinematography, with years of collaboration in the field. This allows us to be intuitive and relaxed on set.


Animation & Motion Graphics

Sometimes, the best way to deliver your message is through animation, illustration, and motion graphics. You can build a dreamworld, follow a flight of fancy, or simply visualize things that don’t exist. Some stories are better served by departing from reality.

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Editing & Finishing

From large-screen projection to short promotional videos, editing is a highly creative process for us. The meaning of a story can change entirely during this step, so we give it the attention that’s due. With the right tone and juxtaposition, we can evoke laughter, tears, introspection, and joy in the viewer.


We work for a variety of industries.



Support your brand with powerful videos. Many companies rely on us to explain their mission, spread their culture, and celebrate historic milestones. We can bring a fresh perspective to the daily operations you may take for granted.


Foster new skills and support a curriculum. Our films have been used in schools and museums across the country. We have the tools to make topics engaging for young viewers which can spark excitement for further study.


Celebrate craftsmanship. Explain complex processes. We have traveled the globe to highlight what goes on behind the scenes at many manufacturing plants and construction sites, highlighting skilled workers and the crucial products they create. Our films also support valuable training programs for new employees.


Make the old new again. We love uncovering topics from the past and making them relevant for modern viewers. We have engaged countless historians, scoured archives, and filmed authentic dramatizations in the pursuit of bringing history to life.


 “We need to tell our stories to a new generation. The audience expects a level of quality that far exceeds earlier efforts. With Wide Awake Films we are doing just that.”

Rob Shenk - Director of Visitor Engagement

George Washington’s Mount Vernon