Celebrating 20 Years.


 Wide Awake Films was founded in 1999 with a passion for documentary storytelling.


It began with war stories, capturing the drama of sweeping events. We wanted to present these historic conflicts with fresh substance for new viewers. Such early films became the foundation for all that was to come. They fostered in us a respect for truth-seeking and a desire to honor those who cannot speak for themselves.

From there, we began applying our practice to all different kinds of subject matter, recognizing the common need for people to spread powerful and clear messages. We told stories of small organizations and Fortune 500 companies alike, earning many awards in the process, but always staying committed to our founding roots.


Over the years we’ve seen many technologies come and go. We began with 35mm, transitioned to HD, then 4K and beyond. We built up our animation pipeline, 3D, virtual reality, gaining wisdom from these tools and knowing the right time to use them.

We’ve stayed nimble with a core staff of experts who can shepherd most any project to completion, and an expandable crew to bolster larger productions when necessary.

We are truly fortunate to be doing this kind of work and aim to make everyone feel welcome during the process. Let us know how we can help.


Shane Seley

Founder / Producer / Director

Julia Barnett

Producer / Production Coordinator

Keith Johnson

Creative Director / Designer

Brian Rose

Writer / Editor / Archivist

Ed Leydecker

Owner / Producer / Client Relations

Barb Racine

Accounting / Human Resources 

Michael Palm

Lead Cinematographer / Editor

Will Weinstein

Animator / Designer

Kerry Ramirez

Studio Manager / Client Relations

Jeff Van Bockern

Lead Editor / Cinematographer

Jim Button

Art Director / Designer / Animator